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Every time my roommate does anything, whether it be cook something or have a friend over or literally anything, she says “sorry” if i come into the room.  Her friend just knocked on the door and i went to answer it and she came down the stairs and was like oh sorry its my friend! and im like well considering you live here it’s probably okay to have people over… And then she went outside with him and they are just standing outside hanging out.

I think she’s scared of me?

The people in the apartment next door run a fucking day care out of their house and they have about 20 screaming children running around outside right now.  I know it may be awful but I am THIS close to reporting them to administration.

One of my professors this semester (whose class I’ve absolutely despised and who I think highly lacks in teaching skills) assigned the following as finals:

-A 2500 word final paper

-A presentation of said paper

-A final exam

-An additional 1000 word essay about what we thought about the class (in which I was brutally honest)

Who does that??

Currently I’m not having problems with earning money, it’s the problem with finding any time to get to the bank that’s making me broke…


So tonight was my brother’s last band concert of the year. He play percussion in the high school band. I played flute, and honestly band was probably one of the most important things in my life at that time. It was a refuge, a way of expressing myself, and a social environment for me. My band teacher was a huge influence in my life and he made it clear to me my senior year that I had made a huge impact on his life as well. 

Well tonight I went to say hello to the director after the concert was over. Two other guys from the same class I’d been in were there and they stopped to say hello to him and they got their picture taken. After that was done, the director briefly noticed me, gave me an awkward hug, and just kind of stood there. I complimented the concert and their new auditorium and he just acted like he didn’t have a clue who I was. He pretty much just ended up walking away after I’d said my bit. He never once said my name (I know, maybe it’s silly, but it’s a big deal to me), he barely looked me in the eye, and he had no appearance of wanting to see how I was doing. Granted, I’m sure he was tired and ready to get out of there, but it made me really sad.

Day eleven.
April 29, 2012.
Suddenly it seems like everyone at my school has pink hair. 

Day eleven.

April 29, 2012.

Suddenly it seems like everyone at my school has pink hair. 


I fucking hate working with incompetent, inconsiderate morons on group assignments. Once again, this kid has proved to be a total jerkoff.

I’m really frustrated this week.

I sold a necklace to someone over ebay and she began berating me for how “long” it was taking to send the item, even though I said I would send it within 10 days because of school and it had only been about 6 days. Then I sent it and she got it and now says that it doesn’t look how she expected it to…. It’s a brown necklace but it looks  kind of dark in the photo and she apparently thought it was black. So now she wants to return it for a refund, even though the page she bought it from clearly says NO RETURNS OR REFUND. 


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