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Want these legs. And these shoes.

Want these legs. And these shoes.

This is when I was skinny and had hair. FML, why did cafeteria’s food make me so effing fat?! Maybe when I stop eating at school I’ll go back down… 

Even when I was this weight I still had a donk… So I’d still have curves, I just want to look like this again! Meh!


Last summer at my annual check-up, my doctor told me that instead of weighing around 140 pounds, like I do, I should weigh around 120-125. Keep in mind that I am 5’7” tall. Do you know what her reasoning behind this is? That it would be more “socially acceptable”. No, I kid you not. This is coming from a woman who is an amazing doctor, a very strong woman, and someone who knows how much I have suffered from depression, suicidal tendencies, and anxiety. 

I was too shocked to actually say something about it to her, so I just ended up sitting there looking at her and we moved on. It still sickens me that she would have said something like that to me. She’s a doctor. I am sure that it says nowhere in her job description that she should tell her patients what “looks good”, but instead is supposed to tell people how to be healthy. I could go on and on about how I feel and felt about her comment, but I won’t. I struggle every day with my body image, and her words echo in my ears.

Maybe if I didn’t eat so much cake…

Maybe if I didn’t eat so much cake…

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