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Nothing like taking a break from school work for a quickie.

The girl on Girl Code is terrified of driving and says she hasn’t been behind the wheel since she was a teenager and it just makes me so pleased to know that there are other people who are scared shitless about driving.  Maybe one day I’ll be a real adult and get a driver’s license because it really sucks to be this dependent on people.

Made my sex positive week shirt into a comfy fitted halter top. Also I have a bat blanket.  Also I should be writing my paper but meh

Hello beautiful babies #jeffreycampbell

Hello beautiful babies #jeffreycampbell

I’m so tired of the fighting that always seems like my fault. Now he’s in the back yard chopping up roots and rocks with the blade of a shovel and I know he wishes it was my head and I wish it was my head too.

Feeling disgusting.  I’m so ready to get over this self-disgust kick I seem to be on lately. School definitely has a lot to do with it.

Just asked boyfriend what he would do if we had a son or daughter and they ended up not being cisgendered and he didn’t even stop playing his video game and said “so?” and this just makes me even more very happy with my life partner choices.

Every time my roommate does anything, whether it be cook something or have a friend over or literally anything, she says “sorry” if i come into the room.  Her friend just knocked on the door and i went to answer it and she came down the stairs and was like oh sorry its my friend! and im like well considering you live here it’s probably okay to have people over… And then she went outside with him and they are just standing outside hanging out.

I think she’s scared of me?

How do I get to know someone really really well without being annoying.  Sometimes you meet someone that you’re just like… we could totally be best friends.

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