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More complaints about my roommate? Yes.

She leaves so much hair (long, black, curly, wiry hair) in the sink that it’s like she pulls her hair out and just puts it there for me to find. So instead of just sweeping it onto the floor, I’ve started being passive aggressive and putting it on her things, like her toothbrush.

Oops, how did that get there?

Also I’ve stopped saying hello to her when I walk into the room in hopes that she will actually say something to me for once, but now instead there’s an absolute lack of communication between us. Why would you not say hello to your roommate when you walk into the room…? Especially if I say it first. Whenever I say hello, she just looks at me and sort of smiles. Friendly bitch, right? Yeah…

*When you see Tumblr posts that are directed at you*

Maybe those who I am referring to will see this and realize that it is being directed at them.

Also, my boyfriend appears to be MIA.  And I have a bad sinking feeling in my gut that is rendering me useless today.  2 classes down, one to go.

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