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Missed the bus. FML. (Taken with Instagram)

Missed the bus. FML. (Taken with Instagram)


I’ve been really depressed lately and was really looking forward to the last party of the summer, which happens tonight at my friends’ house and will be full of all the people who I have and haven’t gotten the chance to see over the summer. Of course, who gets ridiculously ill the day before the party? This girl. Of course. So I’m making the mature decision of staying home with medicine and tissues and crying about how awful everything is instead of going out and having fun with everyone I love which would then render me unable to attend the first day of school on Wednesday. Fuck everything.

In other news, I’m stressing out like crazy (thank you, anxiety!) about finding all of my classes and not knowing anyone and being on a new campus and feeling like a freshman even though I’m a junior. Everything sucks right now.


Fuck. This dog will devour our house.
Things Elvira has eaten/destroyed by chewing so far:
-A lighter
-Yeager’s favorite hat
-3 DVDs
-A collectible pillow from the 70s from my grandparents’ house
-Various things out of the recycling pile
-Her leash/collar/harness
-Parts of several chairs (including a beautiful mid century chair from my grandparents’ home)
-2 “indestructible” Kong toys (and a million other dog toys)
-A cup.
This dog is going to destroy the house and everything we own. Does anyone have any tips for training major chewers? She’s a pitbull/staffordshire terrier, one year old. She’s got TONS of toys to chew on and we’ve been really adament about disciplining her when she chews something that she’s not supposed to. We leave her outside (with water) in our fenced in back area when we go out now because she can’t be trusted inside, but she’s started destroying the patio furniture as well. And we let her inside at night to sleep upstairs with us but sometimes she goes downstairs at night without us noticing and we get to wake up to a house filled with shredded remains of our belongings. We’re looking into getting a crate asap but id really like to just be able to trust her and not have to cage her up all the time. I know she’s still young so this will take some time (along with housetraining… ugh but that’s a different story), but she’s already ruined some really valuble, irreplaceable things and I’m getting more and more frazzled. Tips would be helpful! Thanks everyone.


I just slammed my noggin on the soap holder in the shower and saw spots/black for two seconds before freaking out because I saw my hair from out of the corner of my eye and thought it was stained with blood. And then I stood there and cried for a while because it hurt so fucking bad. Now there’s a knot on my head.

Plus bickering all night with Yeager mostly because I just like to cause problems.


This is when I was skinny and had hair. FML, why did cafeteria’s food make me so effing fat?! Maybe when I stop eating at school I’ll go back down… 

Even when I was this weight I still had a donk… So I’d still have curves, I just want to look like this again! Meh!

Hell week.

Excuse me while I complain about everything I have to do in the next week.

-Thursday: see the Vagina Monologues (excited), French tutoring so that I can study for the test

-Friday: French test, advisor meeting at 3pm on main campus (where I have absolutely no sense of where anything is), go to work at 5:30pm til 9pm

-Saturday: work from 4-9pm

-Monday: Psychology of Gender “Gender in the News” topic and outline due, registration for next semester

-Tuesday: History essay due (7-9 pages), Astronomy test

-Wednesday: Psych of Gender reading set response due

Maybe it doesn’t sound like that much but I’m going to be going nonstop for a few days. Writing that paper is going to take a long time and I need to get a LOT of studying done for the Astronomy test. Why does everything always end up happening at the same time?!

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